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Reaction About Catfish

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reacting to MTV CATFISH for the FIRST TIME

Reunion, Pt. Nicole and Jenni sit down with the roomies to discuss their time in Montana, Nilsa's pregnancy, the biggest blowups of the season, Jeremiah and Gus's fractured friendship, and more. Jenni and Nicole talk to the roommates about Gus and Jeremiah's broken bromance, Gus's anxiety-driven departure, Olympics-level partying and the arrival of Aimee's wild cousin Ally. Welcome to the Peach House. As the roomies head to their vacation house in Athens, Georgia, Aimee and a very pregnant Nilsa bring their pets along, and everyone hopes Gus and Jeremiah can leave the past behind them. Pushing the Limits. The roomies explore their surroundings including their neighbor's impressive backyard , Aimee tries to come to terms with her breakup, and Gus's adrenaline rush ends in disaster.

Pig Poop and Rally. It Takes Toe to Tango. Aimee finally gets in touch with Dillon, Jeremiah steps in to do Nilsa a favor, Ravioli and Princess Goddess Piggy get some training, and the roommates gear up for upcoming birthdays. You may also like 5 Videos. See Us Unite for Change. She knew things about him that not many on this Earth knew and all of it was hard to wrap their heads around. By the end of the episode, even Nev and Max had changed their views on the matter. It's the age-old story. Girl meets boy. Boy pretends to be a music producer on Kanye West's label. Boy then cons a ton of money from girl, never to be heard from again. Okay, so maybe it's not a tale as old as time, but it's definitely an interesting one.

Lucille met Kidd Cole online after discovering his music on SoundCloud and reaching out to him. The two became friends, and after a series of cons, Lucille was out a lot of money. It was eventually revealed that he was, of course, not a famous music producer and his disinterest in Nev's line of questioning led to his phone being thrown into a nearby river by Nev himself. So worth it, if you ask us. Keyonnah, unfortunately, was under the impression that he was dating Lil Bow Wow. Yes, the rapper. It was actually a young woman named Dee, who apparently enjoyed targeting straight girls and making them believe she was a guy. The craziest part of it all was that she didn't just do this online, but in person, and even while she was intimate with these women.

It was by far one of the strangest things we'd ever heard. After watching one particularly emotional episode where he poured his heart out, she felt like she wanted to get to know the man himself and sent him a DM on Instagram to introduce herself. After eight months of communication on Instagram where Rich Dollaz mostly just asked for explicit photos of Sheila, she called in Catfish for help. It was revealed that it was the celeb's nephew who was handling the account and abusing his power with it. The nephew didn't feel remorseful about it either The story of Mike and Caroline is a doozy, to say the least.

Mike had met Caroline on Plenty Of Fish and had quickly fallen for the pretty redhead. She claimed to be suffering from colon cancer, which Mike's mother had passed away from not long before that. But somehow, even with them living near each other, they would never meet up. Once the Catfish meet-up occurred, it turned out Caroline was actually a woman named Heather, who had gone on the dating site to see if her husband was cheating on her. What's even weirder is she had deceived Mike before pretending to be a woman named Claire, but when he wasn't nice to her after revealing her true identity, she made the Caroline profile to get revenge. Kristina first wrote into Catfish knowing that things were very complicated. She was engaged to a woman named Sami but was also in an online relationship with a woman named Faith that she had met in a chat room.

She was willing to risk her engagement to find out who Faith is since she had no last name given and would never video chat. There was a lot of turmoil that resulted in Catfish getting involved, with Sami calling off their engagement while still living with Kristina. It was later revealed while they were all stranded where Faith was supposed to be that Sami was Faith all along. Talk about insane. On the latest season of Catfish , we meet Gemini, a man who has been talking to a beautiful woman by the name of Myranda for seven years. But, of course, it turns out that Myranda is not who she says she is and is actually a repeat catfish offender. So Nev and Kamie take matters into their own hands and stage an intervention for Ashley -- the offender in question -- with two of her closest friends, Gemini, and Red, a woman who had been catfished by Ashley earlier that same season.

Artis was another catfishee who was willing to risk it all for the woman he thought he loved, though had never met. This woman was named Jess. He was putting a lot on the line for her in reaching out to Catfish , like the relationship he had with his current girlfriend, the mother of his children. Turns out, Jess is actually a man who thinks himself as a crusader of sorts. He teaches unknowing men who cheat the error of their ways by catfishing them.

His reaction to it all was the craziest part, though…. This is the Catfish episode that will forever live on in infamy. Carmen's main goal in catfishing her cousin, Antwane, for three years under the guise of Tony, was to exact revenge on him for fat-shaming her years before. It really stuck with her so she committed this act and even sent the Catfish crew on a wild goose chase until she revealed the truth herself. It was crazy to watch unfold. This was one of the only times in the history of the show where the guy being catfished actually seemed crazier than the person catfishing him.

Spencer was a man who believed for quite some time that he was in a relationship with Katy Perry , one of the most famous pop singers in the world. He was so disillusioned that he even had an engagement ring ready for her.

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