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Essay On Physical Assessment

Observe the position your patient is in while at rest to take a breath. This essay Essay On Physical Assessment explore sport Essay On Physical Assessment its contribution to a sound and stable mind, Essay On Physical Assessment healthy body and lifestyle, and a sustainable drive for success Continuing Professional Development Essay will follow the athlete throughout. Observe the rate, Essay On Physical Assessment and rhythm of respirations. This lesson will allow students to understand what both components Essay On Physical Assessment fitness. Words: Essay On Physical Assessment Pages: 5.

Head-to-Toe Assessment Nursing - Nursing Physical Health Assessment Exam Skills

The consequences of using advanced physical assessment skills are associated with identifying key health areas for improvement, challenging interpretations, and perseverance. When a nurse practitioner performs a head-to-toe physical assessment, he or she will be able to understand the specific needs and problems of a patient and thus refer them to further treatment. When applying a systematic approach to head-to-toe assessments, nurses will be able to foster good relationships with patients while also practicing efficiency. Since each patient is unique, the more assessments nurses perform, the more experience they will get.

In addition to this, it is important to assess patients from head-to-toe due to the possibility of finding complications or unnoticed problems of which patients may have no knowledge. When conducting head-to-toe assessments, nurses also practice new equipment, approaches, and tools in order to understand what kind of treatment is preferable for a particular patient. Moreover, it helps to use medical records in a more effective way. The assessment provides a methodology for the nurses to use the official medical records to learn everything about the patient in terms of physical and mental health. Additionally, nurses can create medical records using new methods, language, databases to create a reliable database of the patients. In other words, the systematic application of physical health assessments makes each type of communication more beneficial and flexible to use for the therapists and nurses.

Furthermore, the increasing volumes of digital data in medical facilities only prove that communication and interactions with data are important. In my professional activity, physical assessments can be very helpful. The modern health care system heavily relies on electronics and devices which make medical manipulations easier, faster, and more effective for both the patient and the nurse. Hence, it encourages me to use something new and learn about the new piece of equipment before utilizing it on a daily basis.

Nurses can contribute with their knowledge through uploading data into electronic health records, and statistical analysis can be used to find correlations between demographic characteristics of patient populations and the diagnoses made with the help of physical examinations. Shadow Health is a great software which helps students to simulate real-life situations. However, the major advantage of this software is an ability to gain experience without causing any harm to the patient.

Surely, it cannot be a perfect alternative to the real-life issues. Nonetheless, the program prepares students and helps them to adjust to the working environment. The students make mistakes which can result in the decrease of care quality while the program erases the harm, as it uses artificial intelligence as its patient. Case Study A 22 year old female has been brought to the emergency room after fainting at home with complaints of flu-like symptoms for the last eight days GCU, She has reported vomiting several times a day and having difficulty keeping food or liquids down.

She has become dehydrated, so an IV has been placed and fluids have been started. She also has had an arterial blood gas ABG drawn. Introduction Elder abuse includes physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as well as neglect, exploitation and abandonment of our older generation Falk, In the case study presented, year-old Matthew Yoakum who is of the Amish culture presents to the hospital with a below-the-elbow amputation from an accident on his family farm.

An important. There is growing understanding that the vast majority of children who has experienced sexual assault. In this case study all five elements of patient management are integrated to obtain best possible results for the patient. To begin with, the imaging studies were helpful for the therapist to rule out major spinal degenerative condition and associated compressions. Physical therapist began the patient management by adequately asking the work history, functional tests, balance activities including single leg standing and special orthopedic tests in an effort to identify the cause of pain.

At hospital she was diagnosed with a left fractured neck of the femur L NOF and required an immediate left total hip replacement surgery. Mrs Smith is 85 years old, lives with her husband at home, has no children however has a strong social support network through her church. She is involved in her community and continues to teach piano. Mrs Smith only. The defining attributes are deemed most beneficial in obtaining comprehension due to. Physical Assessment Jane presents to the hospital for evaluation of a right breast mass.

Jane reports that she felt a lump during her self-breast examination a month ago and called for an appointment with her gynecologist for a checkup and mammogram. Ultrasound of the right breast confirms the 6 cm mass. There are three different ways to do a breast self-exam: 1. While in the shower, using the fingertips, go in a circle starting from the outside of the breast all the way to the center part where the nipple is, check for any lumps or hard areas on the breast and check the nipple for any discharge.

Check the armpit also for any lumps or hardened areas. Standing in front of a mirror with arms down, look at breasts for size, shape, swelling, dimpling or any color changes next, raise arms up over head and look same. While lying down on your back, with a pillow under your shoulders ,with right arm is behind head and with the fingertips of the left hand, going in a circular motion check for any lumps, check the whole breast and the armpit.

Check each side one at a Promethean Figure Analysis more content… In doing this research, all the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tools Essay On Physical Assessment geared towards women. Words: Essay On Physical Assessment Pages: 5. An Essay On Physical Assessment. Speech: Clear, even cadence, appropriate word choice, English is noted to Essay On Physical Assessment secondary language.

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