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Reflection On Tom Robinson Get A Fair Trial

Servo : What? TV's Frank : Oh, boy! Sunday, Jan. Locate food trucks, outdoor seating for Society And Family Stereotypes In The Simpsons: The Simpsons and other important information using the new Carolina Together Campus Map. Part Reflection On Tom Robinson Get A Fair Trial Global Ethics Month, the event is p. Alice goes as far as to Reflection On Tom Robinson Get A Fair Trial one of the porters is her boyfriend in an effort to draw his attention, however all this achieves is helping Sam realise he Reflection On Tom Robinson Get A Fair Trial feelings for her himself. Servo Reflection On Tom Robinson Get A Fair Trial Sheriff Kyle] : Yeah, I got a made-for-tv Symbolism In The Three Little Pigs right here. Reflection On Tom Robinson Get A Fair Trial we're going to go through the Reflection On Tom Robinson Get A Fair Trial VCAA English Exam grab a Reflection On Tom Robinson Get A Fair Trial of the exam here so you can analyse with me.


If this is something that you're not too comfortable with just yet, just stick with the chronological order and working through the sort of minor details. And then on your next read, you can read through with the focus of, 'okay, what if I was to look at this from a more holistic perspective? I didn't even look ahead enough, there are more words and more phrases that connect to the idea of convenience and ease. There's a new appeal. It's not necessarily new, it's just a different angle you could come from. If you wanted to talk about the sense of security, that appeal to safety, then you could do that as well. I love when they do this, acknowledging the opposition essentially is what she's doing.

Some of you don't. This not only pulls along the people who are already supportive of her, but she's also trying to pull along those who are a little bit more sceptical of this idea of cashless payments. So let's see, she says,. It's interesting because she is again, building up this position of hers, where she is friendly, she is helpful, she is thoughtful and she cares about her community. Something you could also say, and this is if you're looking at things more pessimistically, is that she's doing this more so for herself.

By saying that these people have three months, there's this unspoken pressure that's happening as well. She's putting pressure on the minority and emphasising the supposed inevitability of a cash-free shopping experience. Even by just saying 'minority' that's in a way applying pressure as well, because it's saying that you are part of this smaller group, the smaller group of people who won't come with us or have not yet come with us, so join us. There's a very clear expectation that these customers need to adapt and catch up. If you want more, I have also got a fully written up essay based on the articles that we're analysing today in my How To Write A Killer Language Analysis study guide.

Plus, there's heaps of sample A-plus essays in there already and heaps of information that I think will be super helpful for you before you move into your SAC. So please, go ahead and check that out. Although it appears on criteria sheets, many students never really understand the term metalanguage. Strangely, it is something that is rarely addressed in classrooms. While the word may be foreign to you, rest assured that metalanguage is not an entirely new concept you have to learn. How come? Because you have been unknowingly using metalanguage since the very beginning of high school. It's a word that is more and more frequently thrown around as you get more advanced in high school. And, it's something that becomes tremendously important in your final year of high school, because the more you include metalanguage discussion in your essays, the more intricate your discussion becomes and the more unique it also becomes.

So, instead of maybe using the word, "He was sad ", we might say something like, "He felt sorrowful ". The choice in words changes the meaning that is interpreted by the reader, just slightly, but there is still a difference. So, when it comes to studying texts or reading articles, and trying to analyze what the author is trying to do, we look at metalanguage as a way to help give us insight into the ideas that they're trying to portray.

The simplest way to explain this is to focus on part 3 of the English exam — Language Analysis. As you can see, the word 'foreshadows' pushes us in a new direction. Rather than just saying what has already happened or telling your teacher or examiner something that they already know, it forces you to actually analyze what's in front of you and to offer your own unique interpretation of why this metalanguage or why this technique has been used. On the Waterfront , Elia Kazan. This student has actually given us an analysis of why animal motifs are used. And that is to highlight how Medea defies natural norms, because of her inhuman and bestial nature. As indicated earlier, you should be familiar with many, if not all the terms mentioned above.

Take note that some metalanguage terms are specific to a writing form , such as camera angle for films. If you need help learning new terms, we have you covered - be sure to check out our metalanguage word banks for books and our metalanguage wordbank for films. As you discuss themes or characters, you should try and weave metalanguage throughout your body paragraphs. The purpose of this criteria is to demonstrate your ability to understand how the author uses language to communicate his or her meaning.

Hey guys, welcome back to Lisa's Study Guides. Today, I'm really excited to talk to you about metalanguage. Have you guys ever heard of metalanguage before? So, let's find out exactly what is metalanguage. Simply put, metalanguage just means language that analyses language. When authors write anything, we make certain decisions when it comes to writing. So, instead of maybe using the word, "He was sad", we might say something like, "He felt sorrowful".

So, when it comes to studying texts or reading articles and trying to analyse what the author is trying to do, we look at metalanguage as a way to help give us insight into the ideas that they're trying to portray. Metalanguage comes in really handy, especially if you're somebody who struggles with retelling the story - I have a video on how to avoid retelling the story , which you can watch. Metalanguage essentially takes you to the next level. It prevents you from just saying what happened, and forces you into actually looking at how the ideas and themes are developed by the author through the words that they choose to use.

So, let's have a look at a couple of examples to give you a better idea. I'm going to show you two examples. One uses metalanguage and one doesn't, and you'll see how a massive difference in how the student understands the text is really clear. In the first scene of All About Eve , Mankiewicz emphasizes Eve's sorrowful expression as she accepts her award.

In the first scene of All About Eve , Mankiewicz foreshadows Eve's sinful and regretful actions, as a sorrowful expression is emphasized as she accepts her award. As you can see, as soon as we put in the word foreshadows, it pushes us in a new direction. Rather than just saying what has already happened or telling your teacher or examiner something that they already know, it forces you to actually analyse what's in front of you and to offer your own unique interpretation of why this metalanguage or why this technique has been used.

So, in this case, it's foreshadowing. In Medea , Euripides commonly refers to animals when describing Medea's actions and temperament. In Medea , the motif of animals emphasizes the inhuman and bestial nature of Medea, highlighting how she defies natural norms. See how, in the first example, it was really just telling you what we might already know through just reading the book, but when it comes to the second example, this student has actually given us an analysis of why animal motifs are used.

So, those are some examples of metalanguage. There are so many more different types of metalanguage out there The result is an emotional and deeply human perspective of this heavily-documented period of history which delves into the lasting yet often invisible marks the GDR left on those it touched. Prompt: Discuss the different ways in which the authors of Stasiland and Nineteen Eighty-Four explore the intricacies of state power and knowledge. When significant knowledge in any form is gained, it follows that it can be used in any way an individual or group sees fit. Such examples force us to consider two well-known maxims, and to decide between the bliss of ignorance and the power of knowledge.

In theory, mass surveillance has many benefits; it could be used to prevent criminal activity such as large-scale terrorist attacks and ensure the happiness and wellbeing of citizens. However, it is almost never associated with anything positive. The concept can be divided into three levels; firstly there is the obvious, external activities that we observe in both texts, which include mail screening, a military or gendarme presence in the streets and a network of informers. Secondly there is the introduction of the state into the home, which is achieved by The Party mainly through the telescreen, the most prominent and sinister instrument of mass surveillance in Oceania which gives total access to individual behaviour in the privacy of the home.

This shows that the beauty of mass surveillance is that it does not actually have to be universal or all-encompassing to be successful. This is why the Stasi did not need to go to the lengths of The Party to achieve a similar result; the people merely need to believe that it is so on the basis of some evidence, and through this they can be controlled. Ultimately, mass surveillance can never be anything but destructive for this reason; it could put a complete halt to all terrorist plots and it would still act against the people by insidiously forcing them to censor their own thoughts out of fear. Both Stasiland and Nineteen Eighty-Four show absolutely that knowledge is a fundamental and intrinsic part of power, as it cannot exist without knowledge.

While it is true that knowledge can be held without exercising it in some external display of power, it always shapes the person who holds it in ways both subtle and direct. Both of them are very firmly rooted in historical events, and to get a good grasp on what they really mean, you need to understand these events. All you need to do is trawl through Wikipedia for half an hour, or as long as it takes to get a sense of the subject.

The other main point is that particularly deals very heavily in ideological and philosophical argument. Orwell constructed the events of the plot as one giant hypothetical situation, so try and think to yourself — could that really happen? Is that really possible, or is this whole thing just plain silly? Remember that this text is much, much more than a simple narrative, and address it as such. Happy learning! Hey guys.

Welcome back to Lisa's Study Guides. Right now, it's in the middle of December, and I know that most of you should have finished school by now, and you're enjoying your school holidays. Because it is summer holidays, and most people aren't really studying right now, this is for the truly keen beans, the people who are reading the text before the school starts, which, by the way, you should be doing. I'll pop that video in a card up above and so if you are studying Burial Rites, then this video is for you.

If you're not, as always, it doesn't really matter because the type of advice that I will be giving would definitely be relevant to any text, because it's more about your thinking and how you actually go around approaching essay topics. This book covers the last few months of her life, living with these people who she's sharing her story with. She has been sentenced because she has murdered Natan. And although we first initially hear that she has murdered this guy, when we start to hear her story develop, that's when we start to see that there are shades of gray. That she did have reason behind what she did, and you can start to feel quite sympathetic towards her. At the same time, though, and this is what today's essay question will be about.

There's a lot to do with the patriarchy. Agnes being not just a woman, but an intelligent woman, was something that was looked down upon, and people were scared of that. That's just to give you a little bit of context so that we can start this essay topic. What are the keywords here? To me, they are women, no power, patriarchy and dominates. These words really stand out to me, and these are the words that I feel are necessary for me to focus on in order to answer this prompt properly.

The second step that I do is I define keywords. So what I do here is I try to understand what the keywords mean and also their implications. So this is how I'm going to break down this essay prompt. I am going to do two body paragraphs where I agree and one body paragraph where I disagree. So this should mean that I'm only agreeing to a certain extent. Here's a video about this type of essay structure and response:. So my first body paragraph is yes, under male authority, the women are robbed of freedom and power.

My example for that would be Agnes, who is the protagonist. She is a woman who's being sentenced to death for murdering Natan, more about him later, and, as a result, society condemns her and she's robbed of her identity and freedom. My second body paragraph would be another agreement, but this time I'm going to focus on the men. In this second body paragraph, my argument is men hold exploitative power over women. One, Natan, the person who was murdered, toys with all his whores, demonstrating male dominance in s Iceland. All his workmaids are stranded, shipwrecked with nowhere else to go, highlighting women's hopelessness in changing their situation.

Additionally, there's Blondal. So Blondal is a government authority and he's torn when commanding Lauga, Lauga, not too sure how to say that. You guys let me know. The third one is one where I disagree. Here will be that there are rare instances of female empowerment in the novel. The first one will be Rosa, the poet. So Rosa has an affair with Natan, but Kent praises Rosa and she's described to be a wonderful woman and beautiful. Rosa transcends patriarchal structures, as she is assertive, headstrong, going against social codes in an act of female empowerment. The second one will be Agnes. Her storytelling and ability to express what she is inside allows her to gain a voice in the patriarchal world that has silenced her.

Through her storytelling, she asserts her self-worth and dignity and despite the fact that she has been locked down, she is being treated like crap by the men, her ability to hold herself strong and to be able to face her death with dignity means that with some sense, at least from within, that sense of empowerment has not been completely diminished. What is an Oral Presentation? What are you expected to cover?

Oral Presentation Criteria 3. Choosing your Topic 4. Choosing your Contention 5. Writing your Speech 6. Presenting your Speech 7. Writing the Written Explanation 8. Resources to help you prepare for your Oral Presentation. Keep reading for a comprehensive overview of what you need to know to succeed in your Oral Presentation. Your selected topic needs to be an issue that has appeared in the media since 1 September of the previous year. This can be time consuming and tricky, especially if you want to choose something a bit more original or fresh. Firstly, you need an event. The ABC news archive is also really helpful for finding events since you can pick dates or periods of time and see a good mix of news events from then. When you have your event, you can then look for an issue.

The bushfires, for example, might generate debate around whether or not the Australian government is doing enough to combat climate change, whether or not Scott Morrison has fulfilled his duties as Prime Minister. Once you know who your audience is, ask yourself: Does this event and issue relate to my audience? VCE English oral presentation topics Once you've chosen an interesting topic and have researched all of its different viewpoints, it's time to formulate your contention. Often, creating a killer contention is about avoiding some common traps that will make your overall presentation boring, bland and just like the rest of your cohorts'.

Instil your oral with emotion, varied tone and sentence lengths. In fact, I've talked about a few of these in a 'Must Dos and Don'ts' video. If you haven't seen it yet, watch below before you read on. Confidence is key. That being said, do use your arms for gestures. Cue cards brings up another important consideration- eye contact. Hold cue cards in one hand as high as you can without it feeling uncomfortable. Eye contact increases your engagement with the audience. This means:. Practice in front of your family and friends. An alternative is to put a sticker next to your camera and record yourself.

The sticker will help indicate where you should create eye contact. Look back at the video and give yourself some feedback, you might be surprised at your presentation! Tone variation involves emphasising certain words, using pauses or slowing down for effect, or modifying volume. Be sure to emphasise emotive language and any evidence you might use to illustrate your arguments. For oral presentation based written explanations, the VCAA study design requests students write Doing this study all by yourself can be rather daunting, so we've got your back. Here are some just to get your started:.

Plans are one of the most ignored and underestimated steps in the essay writing process. Each of these situations place too many students time and time again in sticky situations come an English SAC or exam. To learn more about themes, quotes, characters about this text, and to have a look at an essay topic breakdown, check out this blog post written by outstanding LSG tutor, Angelina! Now, it may seem like I've just highlighted the whole prompt, and I understand why you might think that!

However, each of the words highlighted convey something meaningful within the prompt. If you're ever unsure about what could be considered a key word, consider whether the prompt would have the same meaning without the word in question. For me, this signals that we must consider morality and the weighing up of right and wrong, especially when tough decisions have to be made.

For some more detailed info on how to tackle different types of essay prompts, check out this blog post. Although it seems like the above steps would take a while, my real-life planning process only takes about 5 minutes. Personally, I like to format my plans in dot-point form. I write 1, 2, 3 for each of my body paragraphs and I leave a space underneath each so I can plan each paragraph. Again, these are only rough topic sentences — fancying them up will come during the essay writing phase. In Year 12, I made a conscious effort to include one literary device or metalanguage example per body paragraph in all of my English essays.

This really set me apart from the rest of the state because, in reality, not enough students really focused on the language of their texts, which can really impress examiners. For me, using different colours in my plans helped me organise my thoughts, distinguish between them, and ensure that I had covered everything that I wanted to cover. Obviously, you can come up with a colour system that works for you, but this is what I came up with:.

I've been doing a load of essay topic breakdowns for you guys, and we've been looking at plans for them, so I thought I would actually show you how I actually do a real life plan, one that I would do on paper if I was preparing for a SAC or an exam, as opposed to the ones that I do on YouTube because the ones that I do on YouTube are slightly different. I definitely go into more detail than I normally would. But at the same time I still do use the same concepts as I would when I do read the steps on YouTube. So I'm going to go and show you that today. And before I actually do that, I just want to preface this and tell you guys why doing a plan is so important.

So I know that a plan is something that one, a lot of people just don't do, or two, they tend to sacrifice it if they feel like they don't have enough time, or three, they do a plan in their head, but they don't actually write it down on paper. Now, all of these things are pretty detrimental for you, especially because when you write a plan, it actually helps to secure you and ensure that one, you're not going to mind blank throughout your essay or let me rephrase that, if you do mind blank throughout your essay, you will still have a piece of paper in front of you telling you, "This is what you were thinking Lisa, just go and follow this method or what you've written down here. Second thing is that it ensures that you don't go off topic.

This is something that happens quite frequently. If you don't have a plan, then you have this idea of, "Oh, I'll write this and this", and then somehow halfway through an essay, halfway through a paragraph, you realize, "Holy crap, I have completely veered off the topic or this has gone completely in the other direction from what I intended. This is not what I wanted. You will find that it ends up saving you so much time and it just gives you that reassurance that you need in situations where there are so many unpredictable factors, like what prompts you're actually going to get.

And your focus and attention should be more about developing those ideas, rather than having a mind blank in the middle of your essay and then having a little bit of a freakout as a result. So I'm going to base this video on a previous essay topic breakdown in the past, and that is on Kate Grenville's The Lieutenant. I was going to say Lieutenant, because I always accidentally say that, but no, it is Lieutenant. Now, if you are not doing as text as always, don't stress about it because what I want you to take away from this video is how you actually do plans, the thinking that goes behind it and the formatting around it.

So let's just get started. The essay topic that we're doing today is, "But a man could not travel along two different paths. So as always, my first step is I will highlight the keywords that I see inside the prompt. Keywords are different for everyone, but these are the ones that I think are most important. Firstly, the actual quote itself, how Grenville, conflict of conscience. Pretty much in this case I could probably just highlight the entire thing, but for the sake of just defining some keywords, this is what I would do.

So the next step is to define key words. I think the only big key word that I need to define here is conflict of conscience. And so to me, the conflict of conscience suggests internal conflict, which implies that we'll need to consider morality and the concepts of right and wrong, especially when a difficult decision must be made and sides need to be taken. So as you can see, I've written these words down next to the keyword and that will just help me ensure that I stay on topic or I stay in tune with what the keyword is about and I don't suddenly change my mind halfway through the essay.

Then what I'll do is, I will analyze the quote itself. So this is unique because this particular essay prompt has a quote inside it, but I'll have to think about, okay, where did I see this quote? Who might've said it and what might it mean? And I'll draw it down a few notes for that. Then I'll pretty much just go straight into my plan. Now, my plans I've written within five minutes, most of the thinking is actually done during reading time. So personally, I've always found that just writing dot points is completely fine.

I don't need to go more beyond that. And I'll show you a few examples now of real life year essay plans that I did during that time. And as you can see, they are pretty much just scribbles and if anybody else was to look at my essay plans, they would have no idea what I'm talking about. But you know what, for me it makes complete sense and that's all that matters. You're not graded on your plan, so just go ahead and do it your way. You do you. So what I'll do is I'll quickly dot down one, two, three, and these represent my body paragraphs. Then I'll just write down very quickly what the topic sentences will be. I don't actually write the full topic sentence itself, but I guess the essence of it, so the key things that I will mention in the topic sentence.

By writing down the three topic sentences, this allows me to take a step back and look at the essay holistically and ensure that I am answering it the way that I want to. Then what I'll do is I'll move into each individual body paragraph and write down some things that I think are important for me to remember when I go ahead and write it.

So I might write down a couple of ideas that I think are important. I will write down quotes that I think are essential to my discussion. And then what I'll do is I will throw in at least one literary device or a metalanguage that I think is important to discuss. So in this case, in this first body paragraph, it's limited omniscient third person perspective. By throwing this in, I will ensure that I can show my examiner or show my teacher that I can go on that deeper level. I'll repeat this method with both paragraph two and three. Of course for you, you might need to write down more dot points. You can write fewer dot points, it's really just dependent on every individual.

If you are somebody who needs to write down the quotes more, then go ahead and do that. But for me, a lot of the quotes will stick in my head. I just need one point just to bounce off, and then from there, I'm able to pull in all of the other quotes that are necessary. You also notice that I do things in different colors. Now, I think this is a strategy that I implemented in order to make things a lot clearer for myself before jumping into an essay. So for example, for anything that's a metalanguage based, I'll write it in green. The whole purpose for that is to ensure that in every single body paragraph, I do cover some form of a literary device because that was always really important for me.

I thought that it was one of the key things that helped me differentiate myself from other students. So if I took a step back from the plan and I looked at it overall, I could see, okay, there's a green color in every single body paragraph, done. I have ticked off that criteria. I also used to write quotes in red as well. So red just helped me do the same thing. It helps me take a step back and go, "Yep, there's a bit of red in every single body paragraph. I'm definitely including quotes," which might sound pretty stupid, but it's just that little bit of reassurance that I think really makes that difference when it comes to a stressful situation.

That's pretty much it. It's just five minutes of your time, so we probably don't need to go into it in too much more detail than that. But as you can see from my essay plans, I'm quite minimal. I just keep things as short as possible because that's all I really need because a lot of the information is here, but I just need to reinforce it and ensure that it is concrete when it is on paper. So for yourself, I would recommend that you start practicing your plans.

You can try my method and see if that works for you, but over time, I'm sure that you'll come to find your own way of writing plans that work for you. Next week I'm going to have another essay topic breakdown for you. Can you guess what it might be? If you want to take a stab, put it in the comment section below, but that's it for me in this week guys. I hope that was helpful for you, and don't forget plans are crucial to an amazing essay. If you needed any extra help, then my mailing list is always available for you guys. I send out emails every single week just giving you new advice and tips for your studies, so I'll put that in the description box below for you to sign up. Other than that, I will talk to you guys next week.

The past year has flown by, but so much has happened in that year - there are plenty of juicy and controversial topics to get stuck into for your SAC. Each heading below represents a broad topic and each subheading under it takes you into more specific debates. First up is working from home. Is it a positive sign of flexibility, or a widening gap between the manual working class and white-collar professionals? What can we learn about working from home now that we can apply to the future? Is it the environmentally responsible thing to do? Everything happened pretty quickly right at the start of the year, but as the months wore on it became clearer that some students were adjusting better than others.

Inequality is once again a big theme: access to the internet and other technology is vastly uneven, and students who were already dealing with things like mental ill-health were set further back by remote learning. Even though the Victorian government applied special considerations to all Year 12 students in , this is far from a long-term fix. What can be done about the education system to make it fairer, or even just to make it work better for you? Is it an issue with technology, or are there underlying problems around, say, mental health and wellbeing? Coronavirus kept Victorian students out of class. The Paris Agreement is an international agreement that was signed a little over five years ago. It binds every country to a commitment of carbon neutrality by - this means that everyone will be taking as much CO2 out of the atmosphere as we emit.

Part of the Agreement is that countries have to commit to new, increasingly ambitious plans every five years, and this deadline has just passed. How did we do, you might ask. The Prime Minister was even snubbed out of a speaking slot at a UN climate summit, some suggest because of his inaction on climate. None of this has really snatched headlines though. What can Australia do better with regard to the climate crisis? The Paris agreement five years on: is it strong enough to avert climate catastrophe? The term started in the US , where it was used to describe the disproportionate impacts of environmental problems like pollution on working class people of colour.

Now, taxpayer money is being set aside for fracking in the Northern Territory. This will have an adverse impact on not only the climate, but also the local water quality on which First Nations communities depend. What can be done about environmental racism? Is it about making changes in government, or about activism from outside the halls of power? If environmental racism is the problem, is there a solution that can tackle both problems at once? Is it even accurate to refer to them as two separate problems? This topic was kind of on our topic list , but the debate around climate action has changed a little bit since. A carbon price would make the atmosphere a commodity basically - corporations would have to pay in order to pollute.

What can and should Australia learn from its First People in this regard? Though this erupted in a wave of furore last June, the conversation has been shifting ever since. In the meantime, police brutality against First Nations people continues. Where to from here? What does the future of First Nations justice look like in Australia, and what is the role of leaders like Ms Thorpe? Where do non-Aboriginal folks fit into this? What could we do better? That bill has since been repealed, but it did allow some refugees to leave their detention centres and receive medical treatment. In December, they were moved to a former COVID quarantine hotel, where they will continue to be isolated and detained.

What injustices plural are going on here? Did medevac force us to confront our out-of-sight-out-of-mind asylum seeker policy? The Mantra 60 should be freed from torture. During , Asian Australians and particularly those with Chinese heritage experienced a sharp increase in racially-provoked harassment. Towards the end of the year, Chinese Australians were asked in a Senate committee hearing to condemn the Chinese Communist Party, which many have described as race-baiting. How does race still impact civic life in Australia? Does it matter what race you are, and if so, how is that problematic? We started seeing a bit of this in the stories that kept coming up about people breaking COVID restrictions were often targeting minorities - their names and faces would be splashed across newspaper front pages, while their white counterparts were afforded privacy and forgiven for making a mistake.

How fair is the media landscape towards people from minority backgrounds? What different forms might racism and ableism take in the media, and how can we overcome them? Is it as simple as allowing disabled people to tell their own stories, for example? This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but young people are also one of the groups that are likely to be underrepresented in the media. A report from the Foundation for Young Australians found that there were not only less stories about young people in the media in , but barely half of them actually quoted a young person.

Again, we return to questions around representation - does the media have an ethical obligation to let young people tell their own stories? How much do you, as a young person, trust the media to accurately depict you? What can be done about this? Remember Kevin Rudd? The former Prime Minister has been making waves recently for starting a parliamentary petition for a royal commission into media diversity. The petition was signed by a record , people, and it looks like the commission - a bit like a government inquiry - will go ahead. In Australia, Rupert Murdoch owns almost two-thirds of metropolitan media circulation. What is the role of media in democracy, and can it still fulfill that role if one person gets to own so much of it? What are some ways Murdoch has used his influence, and what have been the consequences for the Australian people?

What should the royal commission look to now achieve? In December , the Australian singer Sia was caught in a bit of Twitter beef. She defended casting Maddie Ziegler, an abled actress, in a disabled role for her upcoming film. Disability justice activists argued that autistic people should be able to portray themselves, and that roles for autistic people should be written by them as well. What is the appropriate way for celebrities and creatives to approach representation?

Meanwhile, she was arguably snubbed for Album of the Year wins in both Adele won and Beck won. Now though, the Grammys are hoping to ChangeMusic and acknowledge the contributions of Black artists to the industry. What should this look like? Are award wins all it will take? Is a change for the future enough to fix wrongs of the past? Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Oral Presentations for more advice on how to write your speech, presentation tips and more. Maddened by grief at the murder of his friend Patroclus, Achilles desecrates the body of Hector as revenge. To learn more, head over to our Ransom Study Guide which covers themes, characters, and more. Set in the weeks leading up to and after the infamous death of Princess Diana in , The Queen captures the private moments of the monarchy's grief and loss , and Queen Elizabeth II's inner conflict as she attempts to keep her private and public affairs separate.

The film opens with Tony Blair's "landslide victory" in the election as the "youngest Prime Minister in almost two hundred years", preempting viewers of the "radical modernisation" that's to come as he takes the reign. Juxtaposed with Blair's introduction is the stoic Queen Elizabeth II, residing in Buckingham Palace serenaded by bagpipes, in a ritual unchanged since Queen Victoria, immediately establishing the entrenched traditional values she represents. As days ensue with no public response from the Royal Family, the British people grow in disdain towards the authority , demanding a more empathetic response.

Despite heavy resistance from the Queen, he eventually encourages her to surrender old royal protocols and adopt a more modern approach to meet public expectation: to fly the flag at half-mast, hold a public funeral, and publicly grieve for the loss of Princess Diana — all in all, to show the people that the monarchy cares. Together, Ransom and The Queen showcase the challenges involved in leadership roles : the inner conflict that leaves these individuals torn between their private and public demands. More on this in the next section.

In Ransom , we learn of the familial sacrifice Priam has needed to make as a leader. It is only when Priam and the Queen detach themselves from their traditional roles that we see a change for the better in both of their personal journeys. Both texts show how parenthood can lead to a more enriched human experience. Malouf finally portrays Priam as a happy man when he has the vision to be remembered in his legacy for his role as a father first, then as a king. Both texts explore the challenging tug and pull between upholding traditions and making way for the new. As humans, we cherish traditions because they are customs or beliefs that have been passed on from generation to generation. They have sentimental value, and by continuing on these traditions, our actions show that we respect the path our elders have laid for us.

Tradition is not necessarily depicted in a negative light in either texts, but rather, shown to have its place. However, Frears and Malouf both assert that adaptability in upholding tradition is also needed in order for us to grow and develop as humans. The new is not depicted as an experience one should fear, but rather, an experience one should approach with curiosity. To be meta, Ransom is the retelling of the Trojan events, but Malouf adds to this tradition with a fresh perspective on the story. Frears and Malouf both demonstrate that change is often propelled into possibility through the support and urging of others. His consequential journey is supported by Somax, whose ordinary everyday experiences teach Priam more about fatherhood than he had learnt as a father himself.

Both texts highlight the influence those surrounding us can have on our personal change. This is particularly important when it comes to essay writing, because you want to know that you're coming up with unique comparative points compared to the rest of the Victorian cohort! I don't discuss this strategy in detail here, but if you're interested, check out my How To Write A Killer Comparative ebook. I use this strategy throughout my discussion of themes above and techniques in the next section. To help you get started, here are some questions to get you thinking about the similarities and differences between the two texts:.

Her face half-covered by the shadows stresses how her familial experience only occurs from afar as she prioritises her role as her highness. Internal change, at least at this point in the film, has yet to begin. The finite space he has become accustomed to now almost represents and this may be an intense interpretation a jail cell in which he as a father, as a human being, has been incarcerated in. He is ready to pursue a new identity beyond just that as a king. Both Ransom and The Queen showcase the sacrifices made by both leaders, and the rigid, almost-dehumanising expectations that are set upon them when they take reign. Both texts encourage their audience to empathise with the leaders , for the challenges they face in their unique positions.

I created an in-depth video on the first 20 or so minutes of The Queen you'd might find helpful. Have a watch and see whether you missed out on any film techniques:. So, the Part II gives me an indication that this is a quote from some way in Shakespeare's texts. So, I'm telling you these things because this is actually how I would go on to learn information about the film. I don't just automatically know for sure that it is from this particular text that Shakespeare wrote up. So, I want to ensure that I'm right by going and having a look at Google. Quotes at the start of any film, at the start of any book, usually have importance to them and they usually should give you an insight as to what's to come. And, for me, I find when I look at this particular quote, it definitely links to the themes of leadership, of motherhood, parenthood, and of perhaps the sacrifices that the queen has needed to make in order to lead her nation.

So, with this particular quote, I would write it down somewhere and keep it in mind as you're watching the remainder of the film, because you'll see those themes come to life and have a better understanding of what this quote is talking about. So, immediately, this film opens up with a news presenter talking about Tony Blair going to the election polls. It's displayed as footage on a TV screen. This gives us insight into a couple of different things. Firstly, it gives us context. The second thing is that it's displayed on a TV and it's broadcasted by a news channel.

And, as you probably know, the media, the paparazzi, and just the entire culture of representing news during this time is something that will be heavily explored throughout this film. Especially because it may or may not have led to the death of Princess Diana. So, again, contextually, it gives us an idea that around this time, the news media was quite overwhelming and omnipresent, which means that it was sort of just everywhere. It was always around. It's sort of no different from today, but there's a reason why they establish it as an opening shot.

And that's just sort of give us as viewers an understanding that the news has a big play in what's going to happen in the remainder of this film. This, again, sort of establishes that idea of change immediately at the beginning of the film, or should I say, resistance to change. So, it's already sort of outlining the path that this film is about to take. So, from the onset with the queen, I think it's important to understand that we don't villainise her, or at least the director doesn't villainise her. He portrays her as a human being, as somebody who is in this position of the queen, which has a lot of weight upon it. And you can tell that she's all glammed up and she's fulfilling her role as the queen, but she's admitting that she envies us as everyday citizens being able to vote, to be able to have an opinion, and just go to the booths.

To me, this establishes her as somebody who I empathise with, or sympathise with even. I think this part with the music in the background and how the queen breaks the fourth wall. So, the fourth wall is basically when any character inside a film actually looks directly at the camera, at you, as the audience. And, to me, this gives me a sense of joy. It makes me feel like it's quite funny, the way that she's looking at us, especially with the So, in the next scene, we have a wide shot of Buckingham Palace, and in the background, you can hear bagpipes playing. This is something called diegetic sound.

Diegetic sound is when you have sounds that come directly from the world in the film. So, the bagpipes sort of establish this sense of tradition. Everything in the scene represents tradition. Buckingham, Palace, the flag, the bagpipes, and that as an early shot of this film sort of shows us the entrenched tradition that exists. That nothing has changed as of yet, and things as sort of going on as they've always had. Again, Frears is trying to show us the human side of the queen. And so that's why we've got the shot of her waking up in bed. She's all cuddled up and snuggled up in warm and comfy bedding. And it shows that she's vulnerable, in a way.

And this is important for us as viewers, as we come to understand her inner thoughts and feelings later on. So, immediately when the queen wakes up, she has a pile of newspapers in front of her. That adds, again, to that sense of omnipresent media. It's all around us, at least in that period of time. This time, we have archival footage. So, archival footage is footage that has been taken from that period of time and placed into this film. It adds to the film's sense of authenticity, the fact that it's based off historical offense.

I really like this shot as the queen and Robin walking down the hallway to meet Tony Blair. This is a great snapshot and a great mise-en-scene. And mise-en-scenes, basically, to me anyway, it's when you pause the screen and it's everything that's inside that shot from props, in the foreground, in the background, what the person is wearing, or what the characters are wearing. So, with this particular art, we can not only see the two characters, but we can also see everything that's in the background.

And again, this really adds that sense of tradition because you've got all these paintings from probably famous people back in the day, or ancestors of the monarchy, and then you've got Robin saying he's promising a constitutional shake up, the first one in years, and the queen saying, "Oh, you mean he's going to try and modernise us? When Robin makes the joke about Tony Blair's wife having a curtsy that's described as shallow, it's humorous, it's funny, and the queen laughs as a result. The humor that's speckled throughout this film, I think really helps to lighten up the situation, but also to again, show us that the queen is human and that she can enjoy a joke. I think this is a great snapshot as well.

So, we've got the camera looking down at Tony Blair and his wife. When a camera does look down at an object or character, it gives us, as the audience, a sense that that person or character is inferior or they're not in a position of control. And it ties in with the fact that this is Tony Blair's first day in Buckingham Palace as a prime minister and he's only just onboarding the role. So, in terms of him versus the queen or the monarchy, which is symbolised by everything around him, the setting that he is encompassed in, it shows that he really isn't the one who's playing the field here. He's not the one who is in charge. I love that we've got one of the queen's men giving them rules on what they need to do. So, we're slowly walking up the stairs towards the queen who is in position of power.

So, the staircase is quite symbolic. Another important thing to know is that Mrs. Blair is actually accompanying the prime minister this first time round that he goes to Buckingham Palace. It shows that he is nervous, he said it himself, but he's not entirely comfortable with his role yet. So he needs the support of his wife. This is in comparison with later in the film at the very end, actually, where Tony Blair goes to Buckingham Palace himself and conducts a meeting with the queen, very similar to the one that he's doing now.

This shot where we've got Mrs. Blair sitting opposite the guard at quite a distance adds to the sense of awkwardness, and it's paralleled with the sense of openness between the queen and the prime minister as well. So, it shows that we've got the old and the new sort of coming together and sort of not really gelling. Something to keep an eye on is parallels in the film. It's always a really good idea to compare the start and end of this particular film, because we've got such similar scenarios in meaning at the start of the film and in meaning at the end of the film.

What you'll notice in this particular scene is that they don't appear in the same shot. They sit opposite one another and one shot on Tony Blair, one shot on the queen, and it sort of goes back and forth. And that's to heighten that sense of distance between them. That sense of unfamiliarity. This is in comparison with the end of the film when we see the two of them walking down the hallway together, out into the garden as equal.

Here's another great shot. So, to add on the idea of the queen having more power versus prime minister, it's quite clear here as he sits down and asks for her hand. I love the way that Mrs. Blair walks. She's sort of like half I don't know how you would explain her stride, but it's obviously not one that is aligned with how the queen walks, which is quite poised and quite together. Rather, Mrs. Blair's walk is sort of frumpy, it's sort of bouncy, and her arms are sort of flailing around a little bit, and so adds to that sense of new, of change, of difference. And so that adds to the story of Tony Blair and his family and what he represents as something new and different and probably unwelcome for the queen.

So, that's it, that's my analysis of the first 10 minutes or so of this film. In this, I show you film techniques that I pick out throughout watching the film, how to analyze them, and also then go on to show you how they are used in A-plus essays. If you're curious about what's inside the study guide and want to see if it's right for you, head on over and read a free sample to see it for yourself.

I hope it gives you something to launch off. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the description box below. I have plenty of resources for you guys down there as well if you needed help for your SAC and exams and I'll catch you guys next time. Frears incorporates these clips to help provide viewers insight on the politics, media culture, and public reaction in Moments of her kissing on a boat are revealed to the world without any respect for her privacy. Likewise, Malouf uses parts of The Iliad as foundations for his novel. By offering a retrospective of this historical story, Malouf invites readers to better understand the Trojan War and Greek mythology, and the impact the gods had on Trojans and Greeks.

I've dropped some sample essay topics below for you to try at home yourselves:. Ransom Study Guide. The following resources are no longer on the study design; however, you might still pick up a few valuable tips nonetheless:. Ransom and Invictus. Ransom and Invictus Prompts. Power-up your learning with free essay topics, downloadable word banks, and updates on the latest VCE strategies. Unfortunately, we won't be able to answer any emails here requesting personal help with your study or homework here! All Rights Reserved. Address: We'd love to see you too, but we're only online! Our tutors meet students at homes and local libraries. Register for the event and complete an anonymous survey beforehand. Next, take a look at the Returning to Work on Campus website , an information hub with details, logistical information and resources relating to a return to full-campus operations.

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Nominate a coworker for a Diversity Award in one of six categories by Feb. Learn how your research can be more accurate and inclusive, thanks to the work of Carolina librarians and archivists. Monday, Feb. You can attend virtually. In a webinar hosted by the Bullitt History of Medicine Club at 5 p. Tune in at 11 a. As a University employee, you get free access to LastPass Premium, a password manager that stores passwords for you to make log-ins easier while protecting your digital identity and your online accounts. LastPass can tell you if your password is discovered in a breach, notify you of risky password reuse and provide you with a score to help improve your online safety. Learn more and create an account. A new option for an automated call back is available and getting positive reviews.

Follow the prompts on the recorded message and keep your place in line to get help. Faculty Council meets virtually from p. Registration is required. When testing is complete, a different siren tone and a voice message will signal all clear. Register for Spring Safe Zone training, a class designed to introduce concepts, terminology and resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. The course will stream tomorrow from p. William J. Barber II for two public events next week as part of the Frank B. Hanes Writer-in-Residence Readings. Registration is required for both the p. Friday, Feb. Find out Feb. Learn more and check limited ticket availability for March performances. Go Heels!

Attorney General Eric Holder. He will speak at 9 a. Faculty Council will meet at 3 p. Find the agenda and a link to watch the meeting online. Distinguished journalist, educator and activist Charles E. Registration for the two-day conference Feb. A supply list, printable template and Zoom meeting link will be distributed prior to the class session. The eastbound lane on Manning Drive and the adjacent sidewalk will reopen on Sunday, Feb. Among other things, instructors and students should wipe down desks, tables, whiteboards and other commonly used surfaces before use. Join the North Carolina Botanical Garden noon-1 p.

Learn what makes a plant rare and what is being done to protect them through stories of both woe and conservation success. Register by noon tomorrow to watch the livestream at p. Read the latest update about Wellness Days and the number of tests administered by the Carolina Together Testing Program. Get a jump on your taxes and print your annual W-2 tax forms for using ConnectCarolina. Request an exception using this form. Are you over 65? You can check with your local county health department or UNC Health to schedule a vaccination.

History Series. Tonight, p. Tar Heel students, faculty and staff can now read The Washington Post online thanks to a University Libraries electronic subscription. Wilson II April 1. Wear red to bring awareness to cardiovascular disease, the leading killer of women. Ordering flowers for your Valentine? Sign up for Working Advantage with company code In these trying times, has your positive self-regard been replaced by a critical inner voice?

Guskiewicz and Provost Bob Blouin. Traffic will detour via South Graham St. If you speak Italian or are learning, join Carolina Public Humanities for a brown bag lunch tomorrow, Feb. Give a hearty shoutout to UNC Health, which this week administered its ,th vaccine dose since starting on Dec. Register to receive a link and watch the documentary before the film discussion tomorrow from p. Register for a professional development seminar that covers foundational skills for leading a research team from noon-2 p. Track the impact of the COVID pandemic on the state across indicators — employment and the economy, travel patterns, real estate and society — with Carolina Tracker: A Resource for Recovery.

If you plan to attend, contact Matt Banks by 5 p. If you want to nominate someone for the next group, do so by Feb. On this date in , the Heels beat the Blue Devils in a double-overtime classic in Durham. Attend the Campus Safety Commission meeting virtually at 9 a. Learn more about the role of the Black working class in American history when Joe W. Trotter Jr.

Do you know how to define stalking? Week of Jan. The deadline to apply for secretary of the faculty is extended to Friday, Feb. Help your favorite local restaurant by making the TakeoutPledge to order takeout one to two nights a week … say, tonight. Be sure to check your paycheck to ensure the plan you selected is reflected with the corresponding deductions. Nominate them for a Diversity Award by Feb. Learn more about the six categories, including staff, faculty and intergroup collaboration, as well as the nominating criteria. Thursday, Jan. From Jan. In Carolina had more employees nominated than ever before. Wednesday, Jan. Sign up to be an Art Pen Pal and begin a friendship or collaboration between yourself and another member of the Carolina community. This program is open to students, staff, faculty and community members, so sign up today to be paired with your artistic match.

The Entrepreneurship Center at Kenan-Flagler Business School is hosting a meetup for Black entrepreneurs to discuss their challenges and successes tomorrow from p. The series is comprised of five training sessions, kicking off on Jan. Have you added a furry or scaly friend to your family during the pandemic? If so, get in touch with The Well staffer Madeline Pace at mpace unc. Tuesday, Jan. Check out this preview. Tomorrow, Jan. Join Carolina faculty and graduate students in that remembrance from p. Register for a reminder and a Zoom link. Have you set new exercise goals in ? Improve your workouts by learning how to determine your target heart rate. Monday, Jan. The Board of Trustees will meet for the first time this year at 1 p. The online agenda page will have a link to the livestream.

Curious about the building naming process? Read a report from the most recent meeting of the committee forming the policy. Listen as a cross-campus panel of faculty members discusses African Americans, democracy and the attack on the Capitol. The Structures of Inequality lecture series is back with two more talks followed by two more hours of action. Mantegna is the father of an adult child with ASD. Start the new month with a minute mindfulness session, Mindful Mondays , at 8 a. If career development is a goal for the new year, take a minute online training to use the My Learning part of the Carolina Talent system, where you can plan and track your training. The Ackland Art Museum is reopening Jan. Learn more and reserve a spot.

The Ackland will, however, continue its virtual programming. Explore the world of contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama with a storytime video, polka-dot dance and a closer look at her works on display at the Ackland Art Museum during its first virtual family and friends Sunday of from p. Watch a video message from Chancellor Kevin M. Register for Green Zone training to understand the issues and concerns faced by military-affiliated students. By the end of the two-part, virtual course tomorrow from 9 a. Learn how to make your social media, websites and documents accessible to everyone in the Carolina community with classes and guidance from the Digital Accessibility Office.

Glaude Jr. Need a laugh? Parents, here are three things you should know about vaccines, straight from the experts at UNC Health. When you return on Tuesday, Jan. Hear N. Sunday, Jan. Faculty Council meets at 3 p. Employee Forum delegates are invited to join the meeting at p. Employees can now print their annual W-2 tax forms for on ConnectCarolina. Explore ways to support your pedagogical strategies in the virtual classroom using the current features of Zoom breakout rooms in an online workshop hosted by the Center for Faculty Excellence tomorrow from p. The course is open to all employees and will stream Friday, Jan. Stream on-demand through Jan. Staff and faculty who are accessing campus should perform a daily symptom check regardless of whether they participate in voluntary testing.

Check the latest information about the Carolina Together Testing Program. Consider opting out of your paper W-2 by Jan. Follow instructions to use the paperless option for downloading your W-2 directly from ConnectCarolina. Email payroll unc. If you plan to attend, please contact Matt Banks by 5 p. Plan now to attend campus- and community-sponsored events later this month to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Week of Dec. Look for us in your inboxes again on Tuesday, Jan. And have a safe, restful and happy holiday! Tomorrow, Dec. Walk on! See which of your colleagues participated and get ready for a new challenge in the spring.

Need a gift idea? Or shop local for the holidays in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Make a reservation for brunch, afternoon tea or cookie-decorating in a safe environment at the Carolina Inn. Tuesday, Dec. This campaign is in support of the State Employees Combined Campaign, which allows state employees to support charities doing good work in the community. All donations are tax deductible. He does — and beautifully! Learn to manage conflict in the workplace by registering for an HR webinar scheduled for tomorrow from a. Ray Dooley embodies Scrooge, Marley, Tiny Tim and all the characters in this audio drama version of his one-man show.

Pre-registration is encouraged. Thursday, Dec. The process is open to individuals, groups, departments, classes, student clubs, faculty or staff with an idea for the April 9 event, which has a theme of Reflections: Within and Beyond. Listen live on Tune in online for a meeting of the new Staff Advisory Committee to the Chancellor at 9 a. Register in advance and BYOB for an informal online conversation that will begin at 5 p. Check out the new titles in audiobooks, e-books and streaming video now available to University faculty, staff and students through University Libraries. Week of Nov. Watch a brief year-end video message from Chancellor Guskiewicz. Launched last weekend on the 50th anniversary of the campus crime, the initiative is led by a committee of University researchers, officials from the Town of Chapel Hill and members of the Cates family.

On Nov. Ron Strauss, executive vice provost, in a Center for Faculty Excellence workshop about promotion and tenure requirements for early career faculty, pre-tenure and fixed-term. Attention scholars, writers and artists. Southern Cultures encourages submissions by Nov. Southern Cultures is a peer-reviewed quarterly of the history and cultures of the U. Look for a survey in your email from a no-reply address. Participate in a virtual Community Conversation hosted by the Employee Forum, p. Monday, Nov. Chancellor Kevin M. Our daily publication schedule will resume Jan. Check out these local restaurants for carry-out options for your Thanksgiving meal. Thursday, Nov. Find out how unexpected art pairings can lead to new insights tomorrow, Nov.

Parking in the S1 Public Safety Parking Lot is fully reopened today after being limited to accommodate curb work in the area. The free event will feature a mix of D. Tuesday, Nov. Register for the Nov. Apply by Nov. Wednesday, Dec. Carolina students, faculty and staff can register in advance for the p. Public access is available to the Zoom webinar and the YouTube livestream. Register for the Virtual Art for Lunch session scheduled for noon Nov. The project will be revealed in a webinar at p. Register by noon Nov. The next session begins the week of Nov. Game day is a little different these days with limited fans in the stadium. Check these ways to cheer on the Tar Heels.

Today is the last day to drop off non-perishable food donations between 8 a. Smith Center, Skipper Bowles Drive. Interested in contributing fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds and tea bags for composting at the Carolina Community Garden? You can bring your pumpkins, too! Place your donation no bags, even compostable ones in a contactless bin located right outside the garden on Wilson Street. The show starts at 5 p. Tune in tomorrow at 4 p. PlayMakers Passholders can stream the production unlimited times, and single ticket buyers have 48 hours from the time of purchase to access and stream the production. Bleed Carolina blue and schedule an appointment now for the 22nd annual Holiday Carolina Blood Drive , a. Wednesday, Nov. Look for the reminder from a no-reply address in your email around 6 a.

Join Emily J. Collection boxes for food items are located in the bus loading zone in front of the Dean E. Drop-off times are 8 a. R3 is back! The drive-through tests are for employees with no symptoms. Register, then join faculty members from the UNC School of Law and the political science department tomorrow at 8 p. The Ackland Film Forum watch party starts at 6 p. Register to get links to the film and panel. Get an up-close look at the joys and pains of entrepreneurship at noon Nov. Close Looks at Cocktail Hour begins at 5 p. What gives soul music its soul? Preregister no later than Nov.

Agenda items include spring planning and budget implications. A link to the livestream is available. Learn the dates of the five Wellness Days for spring semester, announced this week by the University Registrar. Apply for an Employee Forum Professional Development grant by p. Sunday, Nov. Participate in a Wellness Wednesday webinar at noon, Nov. Register and join faculty members from UNC School of Law and the political science department tonight at 7 p. Register for an interactive workshop tomorrow, Nov. The discussion will take place tomorrow, Nov. Need to access special collections materials from Louis Round Wilson Library?

Request a limited number of free digital reference copies for research purposes through your user account. Plan your visit and reserve tickets for timed entry to the newly renovated Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, which reopens Nov. Election Day is tomorrow. When voting in person, take additional COVID precautions like wearing a mask and bringing your own black pen. Get public access to the Campus and Community Advisory Committee meeting at 3 p. If you want to attend the virtual meeting of the Employee Forum at a. Early voting in North Carolina ends tomorrow, Oct. Not sure where to vote early? Search by county. Check out special discounts for employees on health and wellness resources , including a reduced price for the Calm app for meditation and sleep and Blue, which offers discounts on gym memberships, weight loss programs and more.

Looking for an affordable home? Beginning Nov. Listen to a podcast from the third season of Data Rest , programming from ITS Information Security on social media, cloud security and other topics. Learn more about the benefit plans available and enroll by Oct. The discussion will provide a foundation for the intersection of race and police brutality and provide local resources to stay connected and informed.

Register for Standard Safe Zone training , a class designed to introduce concepts, terminology and resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. The course will stream tomorrow, Oct. Register for the virtual discussion, streaming at 5 p. The event begins at 6 p. Learn how to deal with difficult people in a Human Resources course , streaming tomorrow, Oct. The Digital Accessibility Office has resources to ensure that all University materials are accessible for everyone. Be sure to make the request by 5 p. Kendi speaks tomorrow at 6 p. Submit your questions and join a discussion moderated by faculty members Travis Albritton and Tonya Van Deinse. Are you a Carolina employee? Look for Chancellor Guskiewicz and other members of the Carolina leadership team.

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