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The Influence Of Food Deserts

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The Effects of Food Deserts and Fast Food in the Black Community

For years, residents in Southernside and West Greenville — so-called "food deserts" — have been fighting to get a grocery store in their neighborhoods. But the fight over food deserts is about so much more than food, said Ken Kolb, a Furman University professor. If residents in an area with limited access to resources get access to healthy food, some experts argue , their eating habits will change for the better. Local nonprofits tried launching a mobile food market in Southernside and West Greenville, areas historically ravaged by economic decline and segregationist policies. The city has tried recruiting grocery retailers there to little avail. But Kolb thinks everyone — including himself — had been focused on the wrong thing.

In his new book, "Retail inequality: Reframing the food desert debate," Kolb argues the conversation about food deserts has been flawed from the start. People like the residents of West Greenville haven't been asking for help to improve what they eat, Kolb writes. Instead, they asked for help to improve where they live. The real discussion is about retail inequality, Kolb says — or, as he describes it, "the legacy of public and private sector abandonment of poor Black neighborhoods across the country. Kolb gives examples of this inequality through retail's decline in neighborhoods like Southernside. For decades, Black communities in poor urban areas asked for the same retail options as their wealthier, white counterparts in other areas, he said.

Grocers — corner shops, mom-and-pop stores — had closed up and left, beat out by big chain stores that catered to the suburbs. KABC 15 hrs ago. The only way to eliminate the risk of catastrophic oil spills is to stop drilling. Top designer reveals fireplace explosion injuries. Latest weather with Dallas Raines. Click to expand. Replay Video. Load Error.

Full screen. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. The Tuareg were traders and the goods transported traditionally included slaves , ivory and gold going northwards and salt going southwards. Berbers with knowledge of the region were employed to guide the caravans between the various oases and wells. Round the rims of deserts, where more precipitation occurred and conditions were more suitable, some groups took to cultivating crops. This may have happened when drought caused the death of herd animals, forcing herdsmen to turn to cultivation.

With few inputs, they were at the mercy of the weather and may have lived at bare subsistence level. The land they cultivated reduced the area available to nomadic herders, causing disputes over land. The semi-arid fringes of the desert have fragile soils which are at risk of erosion when exposed, as happened in the American Dust Bowl in the s. The grasses that held the soil in place were ploughed under, and a series of dry years caused crop failures, while enormous dust storms blew the topsoil away.

Half a million Americans were forced to leave their land in this catastrophe. Similar damage is being done today to the semi-arid areas that rim deserts and about twelve million hectares of land are being turned to desert each year. Vegetation plays a major role in determining the composition of the soil. In many environments, the rate of erosion and run off increases dramatically with reduced vegetation cover. Deserts contain substantial mineral resources, sometimes over their entire surface, giving them their characteristic colors.

For example, the red of many sand deserts comes from laterite minerals. Leaching by ground water can extract ore minerals and redeposit them, according to the water table , in concentrated form. Evaporation can concentrate minerals as a variety of evaporite deposits, including gypsum , sodium nitrate , sodium chloride and borates. Many other metals, salts and commercially valuable types of rock such as pumice are extracted from deserts around the world. Oil and gas form on the bottom of shallow seas when micro-organisms decompose under anoxic conditions and later become covered with sediment. Many deserts were at one time the sites of shallow seas and others have had underlying hydrocarbon deposits transported to them by the movement of tectonic plates.

Traditional desert farming systems have long been established in North Africa, irrigation being the key to success in an area where water stress is a limiting factor to growth. Techniques that can be used include drip irrigation , the use of organic residues or animal manures as fertilisers and other traditional agricultural management practices.

Once fertility has been built up, further crop production preserves the soil from destruction by wind and other forms of erosion. A study of these microbes found that desert farming hampers desertification by establishing islands of fertility allowing farmers to achieve increased yields despite the adverse environmental conditions. They used terracing techniques and grew gardens beside seeps, in moist areas at the foot of dunes, near streams providing flood irrigation and in areas irrigated by extensive specially built canals.

The Hohokam tribe constructed over miles km of large canals and maintained them for centuries, an impressive feat of engineering. They grew maize, beans, squash and peppers. A modern example of desert farming is the Imperial Valley in California, which has high temperatures and average rainfall of just 3 in 76 mm per year. The soil is deep and fertile, being part of the river's flood plains, and what would otherwise have been desert has been transformed into one of the most productive farming regions in California. Other water from the river is piped to urban communities but all this has been at the expense of the river, which below the extraction sites no longer has any above-ground flow during most of the year.

Another problem of growing crops in this way is the build-up of salinity in the soil caused by the evaporation of river water. This prospect has proved false as it disregarded the environmental damage caused elsewhere by the diversion of water for desert project irrigation. Deserts are increasingly seen as sources for solar energy , partly due to low amounts of cloud cover. The potential for generating solar energy from the Sahara Desert is huge, the highest found on the globe. European interest in the Sahara Desert stems from its two aspects: the almost continual daytime sunshine and plenty of unused land. The Sahara receives more sunshine per acre than any part of Europe. The Sahara Desert also has the empty space totalling hundreds of square miles required to house fields of mirrors for solar plants.

The Negev Desert , Israel , and the surrounding area, including the Arava Valley , receive plenty of sunshine and are generally not arable. This has resulted in the construction of many solar plants. The Arabs were probably the first organized force to conduct successful battles in the desert. By knowing back routes and the locations of oases and by utilizing camels, Muslim Arab forces were able to successfully overcome both Roman and Persian forces in the period to AD during the expansion of the Islamic caliphate. Many centuries later, both world wars saw fighting in the desert. In the First World War , the Ottoman Turks were engaged with the British regular army in a campaign that spanned the Arabian peninsula. The Turks were defeated by the British, who had the backing of irregular Arab forces that were seeking to revolt against the Turks in the Hejaz , made famous in T.

Lawrence 's book Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Warfare in the desert offered great scope for tacticians to use the large open spaces without the distractions of casualties among civilian populations. Tanks and armoured vehicles were able to travel large distances unimpeded and land mines were laid in large numbers. However, the size and harshness of the terrain meant that all supplies needed to be brought in from great distances.

The victors in a battle would advance and their supply chain would necessarily become longer, while the defeated army could retreat, regroup and resupply. For these reasons, the front line moved back and forth through hundreds of kilometers as each side lost and regained momentum. The desert is generally thought of as a barren and empty landscape. It has been portrayed by writers, film-makers, philosophers, artists and critics as a place of extremes, a metaphor for anything from death, war or religion to the primitive past or the desolate future. There is an extensive literature on the subject of deserts. Mars is the only other planet in the Solar System besides Earth on which deserts have been identified.

The Martian deserts principally consist of dunes in the form of half-moons in flat areas near the permanent polar ice caps in the north of the planet. The smaller dune fields occupy the bottom of many of the craters situated in the Martian polar regions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Deserts. Not to be confused with Dessert. This article is about dry terrain. For arid climate, see Desert climate. For the act of abandoning or withdrawing support, see Desertion. For other uses, see Desert disambiguation. Area of land where little precipitation occurs. Main article: Weathering. Main article: Dust storm. See also: List of deserts by area. Main article: Xerocole. Main article: Desert farming. Main article: Desert warfare.

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God's Fugitive. A Dictionary of God Save Gertrude Play Analysis. Animals need The Influence Of Food Deserts keep cool and find enough food and The Influence Of Food Deserts to survive. The Influence Of Food Deserts gets The Influence Of Food Deserts one of the root causes of desertification and is not just a treatment of the symptoms. The Influence Of Food Deserts My Bassoon Concert of Personal Narrative Essay: A Walk In The Park flour The Influence Of Food Deserts are unknown. With increased flooding Why Colonialism Is Bad Essay to the Moon wobble and The Influence Of Food Deserts level rise, freshwater wetlands may also face a profound change.

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